Introducing the Secretary-General of the Beacon of Model UN in East Indonesia

This is the second of the series of profiles of the Secretaries-General of Model UN communities in Indonesia. This time iDelegates was honored to get to know the leading figure of the beacon of Model UN in the east Indonesia, Riyad Febrian Anwar (Riyad) from Universitas Hasanuddin Model UN Club (Unhas MUN Club), before the end of his term.

Secretary-General of Unhas MUN Club

Riyad Febrian Anwar.

1. Can you give us a general idea about yourself?

I’m a geek-bred, I’m obsessed with gaming, my curriculum vitae ranging from from good’ol Zuma, Starcraft, GTA to more depressing one such as Geopolitics Simulation. Gaming has been my jam since ever. To make it “geekier”, I could spent hours surfing the internet world. I’m proud to be able to stream and take notes on United Nations Security Council’s past action in overthrowing Gaddafi while trolling the comment section on the TMZ article about Kim Kardashian disaster wedding at the same time.

2. Can you tell us how you get into Model UN and what makes you love it so much that you want to devote yourself as the Secretary-General of Unhas MUN Club?

Just like most of MUN-ers around [in Indonesia], I came from parliamentary debating background. My first conference was Indonesia MUN on 2011. It was a really good conference that I decided to steer the wheel from debating to Model UN. I love parliamentary debating with all my heart, but I personally believe that Model UN is gonna be my next big thing. Though it was difficult to move on from the things that had stuck on you for years, I never regret decision I made up until now, which allowed me to meet and befriend inspiring people around the globe, get to know UN mechanism practically and to understand diversities every country policies might hold. I can feel myself so close at UN Headquarters gate now.

3. How do you feel about becoming the Secretary-General of Unhas MUN Club?

One wouldn’t simply know whether he is good at leading until he was taking the pivotal role as a leader. I got to listen to members’ opinions, ensure proper job distribution for the Under Secretary-General divisions and even formulate conference that was totally new to me. For me, it is challenging on all levels, but, hey, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! And these experiences would surely make me better, not only at real-live leadership but also in leading the blocs caucus in Model UN.

4. How do you view Unhas MUN Club?

As the pinpoint of Model UN in east Indonesia, Unhas MUN Club has been notably known for campaigning for the UN through Model UN Simulation. I’m more than proud to uphold my predecessors’ vision to promote understanding on international issues around the UN in particular. Any problem discussed on international levels would clearly affect us as students in various ways, either directly or indirectly. Therefore, I don’t see any reason why Model UN have to exclusively discussed by those people in New York.

5. Can you share with us the events Unhas MUN Club are planning to have this year? Maybe the conferences the Club is planning to attend as well?

As I will soon retire from office, I have no say on what event that Unhas MUN Club will attend on the whole 2014. But in general, our traditional agenda would be to send our delegation to Harvard National Model UN 2014. We also send our kids to the Nanyang Technological University Model UN 2014. It is also worth noting that this year we got a chance to taste our first ever Crisis Simulation that was initiated by Bard College Model UN Team (We love you Bard Students!). Additionally, we also put national conference on our top list of participation. Though it may different every year due to members’ demand. If other Model UN clubs happen to be on the same conference with us, we are more than delighted to cooperate, be it to initiate joint practice or hosting fundraising simulation.

6. Great! So what do you think about local and national cooperation among MUN communities in Indonesia?

Locally, I personally rejoice over the growing enthusiasm of local students in South Sulawesi to be MUN-ers. We’ve got University of Muhammadiyah Makassar MUN Club and the newly created University of Muhammadiyah Pare-Pare MUN Club to join the MUN sphere in South Sulawesi.

Nationally, I love the idea to create an all-stars national MUN team around Indonesia like one they had in the Netherlands. But again, it was easier said than done. Geographically speaking, Indonesia is not a place to simply go around. Having ourselves living on islands makes it difficult for us to travel conveniently as we have to take plane or ship to reach other islands. Taking into account the transportation price and other inconveniences, it was apparent that not every student can afford such trips.

You may call me weak spirited, but having attended competitions across Java throughout three whole years, I always ended up exhausted by the end of trip. The same goes to students from other islands who attended the conferences we hosted in Makassar [Makassar MUN]. Often the case was the students from other islands declined to attend the conference due to pricy flight ticket or any travel difficulties that entailed. Unless there is a resolution to solve this issue, I doubt that we could effectively established the so called ‘Indonesia Team’ and might only stick with our respective almamater.

7. It is true that as the biggest archipelago in the world, expensive transportation cost often discouraged joint and outreach initatives. But thankfully we are working on iDelegates now. So what do you think about it?

Great job for anyone coming up with this brilliant idea! It is about time for Indonesian MUNers to had something to connect with. We may separated by seas, but an MUN website like this will tackle such obstacle and allowing us to receive MUN insights around Indonesia. I recalls all MUNers to pay frequent visit on the website and hat’s off, iDelegate!

Thank you for your responses, Riyad! As the primary source of Model UN news centre in Indonesia, iDelegates will definitely hear more from Unhas MUN Club and other communities from other islands in Indonesia. In the mean time, Riyad is reachable on his e-mail (riyadanwar [at] gmail [dot] com) for formal matters, or twitter account for the casual ones.


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