Introducing the Secretary-General of Umpar MUN Club

The third Secretary-General feature reached out to one of the youngest Model UN community in Indonesia. Based in Universitas Muhammadiyah Parepare (Umpar), South Sulawesi, the Umpar MUN Club was recently founded by Fardi Yandi (Fardi), an English Education junior in Umpar, who iDelegates got to meet and interview last week.

Secretary-General of Umpar MUN Club

Fardi Yandi in Makassar MUN 2013

1. Good day, Yandi. Could you give us a general idea about yourself?

I am basically as same as indigenous students which still find a great way to strengthen the future. Allegedly, I am friendly, charismatic and brave in crazy thing. I love to do something “freaky” that [is] contiguous with other people in showing that I am different. [My usual schedule would be], [reading] books, [going to] college and [learning] Japanese.

2. Can you tell us how you were introduced to Model UN and how do you feel about it that you want to devote yourself to establish Umpar MUN Club?

Firstly, it was because my first experience in Model UN conference (Makassar MUN 2013) which was held by Unhas MUN Club last year. It was very excited and challenging. Basically, I was from parliamentary debating and I saw MUN was more exclusive and [challenging]. In Makassar MUN 2013, for General Assembly Committee, I [was awarded the] Honorable Mention Delegate Award.

Secondly, I decided to be Founder and Secretary-General of Umpar MUN Club because I wanted to create a new atmosphere in Eastern Indonesia and particularly in Parepare as a small city that [with all of its] resources and experiences. Seeing the condition of a small university which [was] really hard [in developing] human resources, the Umpar MUN Club will be an answer for this [condition].

3. Cool! So, how do you feel now that you’ve become the Secretary-General of Umpar MUN Club?

As the Founder and chosen as Secretary-General are quiet challenging. [Challenges] always appear and sometimes I feel frail but they will not break my desire and those [challenges] will bring about betterment. MUN is new in our university and as the first Secretary-General I don’t have any senior, adviser, or those who can guide me to be the best leader of Umpar MUN Club. [But again,] those things will not break my spirit and other Umpar MUN Club members to develop the human resources in Universitas Muhammadiyah Parepare.

4. That’s the spirit! Do Umpar MUN Club have any plans to share for this year?

We were just established. We are still in the process of MUN learning. We look for MUN Club in Indonesia to cooperate with us and guide us to be inherently a better MUN Club. For 2014, we plan to attend national MUN Conference to prove our human resources and MUN ability like Indonesia MUN 2014, JOINMUN, Makassar MUN and other MUN conferences. We also have big dream to attend HNMUN 2015 and World MUN 2015.

5. How do you see local and national cooperation among MUN communities in Indonesia? And what do you think about MUN proliferation in eastern Indonesia?

Local cooperation (particularly in South Sulawesi) is very awesome. As the first MUN Club in Eastern Indonesia, Unhas MUN Club [helped] us by showing us what MUN is and how it works, and Umpar MUN Club [was founded]. I think MUN proliferation in Eastern Indonesia is [essentially formed by] MUN conferences held by Unhas MUN Club. In Makassar particularly, some students from Universitas Muhammadiyah Makassar, Universitas Muslim Indonesia, Politeknik Ujung Pandang, and others are enthusiastic in joining Makassar MUN and Celebes MUN.

[Very good to hear that it’s spreading out!]

Yes, and nationally, I admit MUNers in Indonesia can be more awesome when they are united. As a fledgling MUN community, especially in small city or university, I see that we are quiet different with the older MUN Club in Indonesia. It is because they have resources and advisers in their club. But this will not halt us to fight for Umpar MUN Club in the future. [Nevertheless,] local or national cooperation could be worked on the terms of resources improvement. We can cooperate in giving MUN training to some universities that need that resources. National identity should be [inclusive]. We [can] be united as Indonesia delegates by assisting each other, thus small university students can feel [welcomed] nationally.

6. Interesting thought. So last question, do you have anything to say to iD readers?

I am still new in MUN, but I believe that MUN will lead me to be better entirely in my future. And for iD, I believe that this website can unite, guide and connect all MUNers in Indonesia. Thanks for creating this, this will be a paramount for MUN in Indonesia.

Thank you for the kind words and great expectation for cooperation between MUN communities in Indonesia, Fardi! For all manners of communications, Fardi is reachable on his e-mail (fardiyandi [at] gmail [dot] com) or his twitter account, or you can find out more about Umpar MUN Club by accessing the club’s blog or twitter account. Formal inquiries to Umpar MUN Club may be sent to the club’s e-mail (umparmunclub [at] gmail [dot] com). Umpar MUN Club will be very happy to hear from other MUN communities, especially those who aspire to develop partnerships and joint-training sessions with it. 🙂


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