Why Indonesian Delegates Should to Apply for Best Delegate Global Media Secretariat 2014-2015

When it comes to the number one online site for Model UN news and resources, most (if not all) Model UN delegates will turn to Best Delegate. Co-founded in 2010 by Ryan Villaneuva and Kevin Felix Chan as a blog on Model UN, the New York City-based global education organization’s website is now maintained by a global team of Model UN All-stars, namely the Best Delegate Global Media Secretariat, which in the current academic year (2013-2014) comprised Model UN veterans from the United States, New Zealand, Canada, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom, Germany, Slovenia, Kuwait, India, China, Republic of Korea, and Taiwan, including Indah Gilang Pusparani (Indah) from Indonesia! And as the current academic year is ending this May, iDelegates is interviewing Indah as the first Best Delegate Global Media Secretariat staff from Indonesia, as to why Best Delegate needs more Indonesian delegates on board for the 2014-2015 academic year.

Indah Gilang

Indah was part of the Global Media Secretariat in the 2013-2014 academic year.

iD: What attracted you to become (the first) Indonesian staff in Best Delegate Global Media Secretariat?

Indah: I am a big fan of Best Delegates long before I joined up with the team. I used to refer to the resources for trainers or teachers on Best Delegate website every time I am invited to coach a delegate or delegation. It has helped me a lot. So, when I found out that they’re recruiting Model UN leaders for the Global Media Secretariat, I thought, ‘Why not give it a shot?

iD: What role does the Global Media Secretariat staffs are expected to play in Model UN proliferation and development?

Indah: They are looking for Model UN enthusiasts who not only excel in the conferences but also want to give back to society. As I understand it now, being a part of the Secretariat means that I am in the front line of Model UN proliferation in my own region who speaks up the region’s unique experiences and stories to contribute to Model UN development globally.

iD: Awesome! Can you tell us more both the routine and the best thing of being a part of the Global Media Secretariat?

Indah: We are expected to write original articles or conference recaps and share them online. This one also happens to be my favorite since I am also a blogger of my own. So doing it for global readership is totally exciting! We also became the front line of Best Delegate’s marketing and exposure in our region, as well as understanding the region’s needs as an input for Best Delegate future development.

iD: Can you describe the working atmosphere within the Global Media Secretariat?

Indah: The correspondence is fully online! Because we’re a global organization with associates around the world, we exploit all available online resources and means. We did online video meetings and synchronized article publishing schedule and direct access to WordPress by a shared Google calendar. We responded to a lot of e-mails and had Facebook group chats. [laughs] Then in Indonesia, I did the “offline” jobs. I attended Model UN conferences, I met new peoples for media partnerships, and I had interviews and some presentations. The whole package is totally fun!

iD: Do you think more Indonesian delegates should apply to the Secretariat?

Indah: Of course. It is a premium opportunity to connect and share with the larger Model UN community in the world. We will also have the opportunity to engage in overseas Model UN training and summer camps, or even initiate a new one in Indonesia. We’re now working on the possibility to conduct a summer camp either in Jakarta or Singapore next year, so the door is open for you to join up!

iD: Cool! Do you have any message or motivating quotes for the readers?

Indah: It is time for you to upgrade your Model UN career to a whole new level and Best Delegate is the perfect place for you 😀

It’s also worth noting that with strong readership in Southeast Asia (Indonesia ranked 7th in order of most visits and 1st in the amount of time spent per visit to Best Delegate based on Google Analytics in 2011), the Global Media Secretariat had built in a specific position for the region (i.e., the Chair of Southeast Asia). So, if you are a fan of Best Delegate’s mission and works, eager to help making a difference in the broader Model UN community, and highly connected with influential players in and knowledgeable about Model UN in Southeast Asia, you are very welcomed to apply to the Global Media Secretariat here before April 27th, 2014 (EST). Full information on the roles and duties of all positions are available here.

Below are several selected articles that Indah made for Best Delegate in the 2013-2014 academic year:


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