Introducing Effendi Tandoko from PresUniv MUN Club

In the fourth Indonesian Delegates’ Secretary-General feature, iD approaches Effendi Tandoko (Effendi), an International Relations sophomore in President University who serves as the Secretary-General of President University Model UN Club (PresUniv MUN Club) this year and was one of first Indonesian delegates who brought home international awards this year.

Effendi Tandoko

Effendi Tandoko, PresUniv MUN Club’s Secretary-General.

1. Hi, Effendi. Could you give us a general idea about yourself?

Ummm.. I’m a happy-go-lucky guy with an over-confident personality and “extraordinaire” attitude (seriously.. you should know me better [laughs]). Though in first meetings, people could misjudge me as a cold, shy /slash/ arrogant person, I’m actually a very bright person who also has a heart. [laughs] I was born and raised in Bali and enjoy sleeping, reading comic and playing digital games in my spare time. at the moment im currently a sophomore of IR in my campus and am eager for more challenges in the future.

2. I see, looking forward to get to know you better. Could you tell us how you get into Model UN and what made you love it so much that you want to devote yourself as the Secretary-General of PresUniv MUN Club?

I actually began my first kick-off in MUN through PresMUN 2012 where I was one of the silly first-timer who doesn’t get a damn thing about MUN (sorry for the language) [laughs]. Thereafter I joined several other MUN conferences and even became the R&D member of the club. Through time, U fell in love with the whole thing and now serves as the Sec-Gen of the club.

It’s actually the club’s warm atsmophere which made me eager to sign up as the Sec-Gen candidate. However other than my love to this club, I think my motivation is to spread the name of PresUniv MUN to all MUN-seekers out there and experience more MUNs per se, because MUN is just so sexy. [laughs]

3. So, how did you feel about becoming the Secretary-General of PresUniv MUN Club?

I felt honored undoubtedly~ I believe it’s the hardest task I have ever taken in my life up till now (I’m feeling hyperbolic). Though I am positive that being the Sec-Gen of PresUniv MUN is for the betterment of the club as a whole with the assistance from all of my boards, it’s actually all about how much you love the club and how far your passion in MUN takes you.

4. Hmmm. How did you view the current PresUniv MUN Club and where are you planning to take it?

I perceived my club as one of the most acknowledged MUN vessels in Indonesia or Java in a humble consciousness with the help from my boards, I plan to bring PresUniv MUN to become bigger, more diverse, and more competitive in external MUNs and proliferate Indonesia’s MUN level to a higher ground as to get the recognition from more international MUN-seekers. My ambitions at this moment are to bring more international delegates into our event especially in PresMUN and to gain more awards in any other MUNs.

5. So, could you tell us the conferences PresUniv MUN Club are planning to attend this year, probably for exposure and potential cooperation purposes?

Well, we are planning for AMUNC, TaylorMUN, Pan Asia MUN and obviously other existing national MUNs.

6. Still about cooperation, what do you think about local and national cooperation among MUN communities in Indonesia?

At this moment I believe that the coordination level between national MUN communities in Indonesia is essentially “amateur” (analogizing the level of that in games) but, having joint-caucuses are actually the baby steps that we had taken to strengthen the communication and bond between those existing MUN leagues in our country. Due to the geographical situation I can say that an ideal all-encompassing “national” cooperation is indeed a difficult agenda. Still, in the future, I’d love to see Indonesian delegates flocking together in any International MUNs and present our national togetherness, identity and solidarity to a whole new horizon.

P.S: let’s have Indonesia MUN community (and have regular meetings-bleeeurgh). [laughs]

7. [Laughs] Certainly! Hopefully we will keep moving forward! Last question, do you have anything to say to iD readers?

Hello there! This site is also one of the elements to integrate Indonesian MUN-ers, so I urge you all [evil smirks] to spread the words about this blog and to make Indonesia’s MUN name reverberates to a grandiose future [laughs] XOXO

Thank you very much, Effendi, for the warm and exciting interview. For all of you who want to know Effendi better and closer, he is reachable at his twitter account and e-mail (xiongwei [dot] et [at] gmail [dot] com). More information on the Club is available on the Club’s website and twitter account.

PresUniv MUN Logo

President University Model UN Club Logo


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