The Winning Legacy Marches On for UI TEIMUN TEAM

iDelegates are very proud to congratulate Universitas Indonesia’s delegation to The European International Model UN 2014 which has once again solidified their winning legacy as Indonesian champions with six awards in one of the oldest varsity-level Model UN conference in Europe, which this year was held on July 20th-28th in The Hague. The awardees are listed below:

  • Adeline Tiffanie Suwana and Okky Oktaviani were awarded the Most Outstanding Delegates of the UNSC;
  • Haryani Dannisa was awarded the Most Outstanding Delegate of the UNESCO.
  • Ilman Dzikri was awarded the Best Delegate of the UNEP;
  • Nadia Sekarsari was awarded the Best Delegate of the UNGA; and
  • Patty Regina was awarded the Best Delegate of the UNHRC.
UI TEIMUN 2014 Team with Arman Nefi, the Director of Student Affairs in Universitas Indonesia.

UI TEIMUN Team 2014 with Arman Nefi, the Director of Student Affairs of Universitas Indonesia.

The winning legacy started back in 2011 and Universitas Indonesia’s delegation has strived to maximize the amount of recognition they can have with their small delegation, accumulating a total of 24 awards and serving as Co-Chairpersons four times, ever since. This was largely made possible through leadership from the head delegates and strong solidarity among the delegates, without undermining the invaluable support from UI MUN Club itself and special coaching by the alumni. Thus, iDelegates also extend their congratulations to Okky Oktaviani, as well as Tanita Dhiyaan Rahmani and Cazadira Fediva Tamzil and we expect to hear more great things from the team next year.

Please enquire to Adeline Tiffanie Suwana at adeline [dot] tiffanie [at] gmail [dot] com for more information on the team.

Universitas Indonesia's delegation to TEIMUN 2014

Universitas Indonesia’s delegation to TEIMUN 2014



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