iDelegates is a Model UN News Centre which largely focuses on Indonesian delegates’ activity and participation. The first of its kind, It was built by Maleakhi Misael Sutanto (Mal) in his junior year in Universitas Padjadjaran, with the aims to expose Model UN activities in Indonesia publicly and enhance Indonesian delegates’ Model UN experience, competence and communications, by:

  • publishing Indonesian Model UN communities and secretariat’ profiles;
  • promoting and reporting Model UN events and conferences prior and during as well as after the events; and
  • providing substantive and technical resources for budding and experienced delegates alike in preparation of upcoming Model UN events.

iDelegates hopes that it may contribute to the proliferation and establishment of Model UN activities, enthusiasm and tradition, in Indonesia and help Indonesian delegates to grow in experience and competence in order to support the winning tradition of not one or two university delegations but all Indonesian delegates, having recognized various achievements all of us had made abroad.

iDelegates welcome all kind of contribution from notification, media partnership, documentation services, especially for Model UN activities and events in Indonesia. For any kind inquiries, please feel free to contact Mal at maleakhimisaels [at] gmail [dot] com or any other media, or through the form below:


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